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Are you looking for a bursary in Metallurgy, Mechanical, Chemical, Indsutrial and Electrical Engineering? I just noticed on the Afrox website that they offer bursaries to full time students in the above mentioned fields. Simply fill out the bursary application form online and get cracking today!

Download the application form in either PDF or Word format and attach your most recent academic record and a copy of your Matric results. You can fax these documents to 086 673 6425 or email them to

Please note that Qualifying candidates must indicate their field of study/intended field of study.

For more information regarding the bursary, click here.


Closing date: 31st of July, every year.

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54 Responses to “Afrox Bursaries”

  1. [...] Africa. They include some of the most recent bursary details from massive SA companies such as Afrox, Transnet and Tiger Brands; all of which have amazing personal development plans for their [...]

  2. Bilal Kharwa says:

    Hi, I have registered to study mechanical engineering at Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein. I would like to apply for a bursary. Could you please send me the relevant application forms.

    Thanks & regards,

    Bilal Kharwa

  3. Mashau M.C says:

    Hi there,i am here by asking for bursary application form, i am currently studing electrical engineering at the Tshane university of technology,will be very happy if i get the oppoturnity to apply for the bursary.

  4. Mzaca Avela says:

    I am doing my second year ND:Electrical Engineering. Im in need of a bursary in order to finish my studies, please send bursary application via email. Thanks

  5. Mzaca Avela says:

    I am doing my second year ND:Electrical Engineering at Walter Sisulu University. Im in need of a bursary in order to finish my studies, please send bursary application via email. Thanks

  6. phuti sekwele says:

    I am loking for a bursary at afrox and I cannot apply online I just want to know what to do.

  7. hlokzen says:


    Can i apply for a bursary if i am studying BSC Chemistry at wits currently.Please inform me, i am a hard worker and i have satisfying matric results with 4 distinctions in science and maths.


  9. KHUMBUDZO says:


  10. Buhle Ntsalaze says:

    Greetings sir/madam

    I am writing to enquire about the Afrox bursary programme. I matriculated in 2011 at George Campbell School of Technology,because of financial shortcomings I could not continue with my studies.

    I am a mechanical engineering fanatic, from a young age the inustry has fascinated me. I am in desperate need of a bursary to ensure and secure myself the future I have always dreamed of.

    I believe that Afrox can aid me financially in paving the way to this future.

    Kind Regards
    Buhle Ntsalaze

  11. Tshehla Godfrey says:

    Hi,’m Tshehla Godfrey,i would like to apply for the bursary in Chemical Engineering for next year can you please send me Bursary Form on this postal address: PO Box 269
    I would appreciate if you would send it as soon as possible.

  12. octavia vezi(miss) says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    To whom it may concern

    I am presently in grade 12 at Parkhill High School and wish to study Chemical Engineering.
    Kindly furnish me with application forms for the following bursary: Bsc Engineering.
    Thanking you kindly.

    Yours faithfully
    Octavia Vezi(miss)

  13. I reguest bursary I’m currently study a power engineering in ,I reguest a finacial assistant so that I can complete course well.

  14. RUNGANANI P says:

    i am studying chemical engineering at vaal university of technology,doing S2,m in need of afrox bursary application forms.

  15. Wellington says:

    I am currently a student in the University of Technology I am in need of the bursary as I am struggle financial so I would AFROX group to help me interms of aplication forms.

  16. Greetings

    I am a first year chemical engineering student at NWU(potch campus) and I would like to apply for an Afrox bursary.The company facinates me in many ways and I would like to know it better.

    Please you can send the application form via E-mail.

    warm regards


  17. keneilwe Ntshebele says:

    greetings sir/madam

    i am currently studying at the Tshwane university of Technology, i am doing my second year in chemical enginnering at this institutipn.

    i am hereby requesting for an application form for post graduate bursaries

    Kind Regards
    Keneilwe Ntshebele

  18. keneilwe Ntshebele says:

    Greeting sir/madam

    I am currently studying at the Tshwane University of Technology, i am doing my second year in chemical engineering.

    i would highly appreaciate to be sent an application form.

    kind Regards
    Keneilwe ntshebele

  19. Nkosiyawo says:

    i’m doing my second year of study in Mechanical Engineering. i would like a bursary to futher my studies. i can be contacted at 0739075392. i always get distinction to my all subjects but i do not see where is the light because i wanna be more professional in my future to develop the country as well as the world

  20. Nkosiyawo says:

    i kindly believe that you would hep me to show my potential as i am looking forward to bring new modify and rennovated machines to help the company grow.

  21. samuel vilakazi says:

    greetings sir/madam

    i qm writting this reply to look for a bursary in chemical engineering.i matriculated in 2010 at tshedimosetso secondary school, i am currently studying chemical engineering in vaal university of technology.i am a second year student using a study loan to persued my dream

    I am about to complete my deploma this year and go for an in-service training.I am in desperate need of afrox bursary to use it while i will be doing my Btech.

    i belive afrox will help me by funding me in my accademic studies

    kind Regards
    samuel vilakazi

  22. Teboho says:

    Good day, I hereby wish to apply for bursary to assist me in studying chemical engineering.

    I am a first year student at the University of the Free State and I am currently studying B.Sc. Chemistry. I am highly interested in chemical engineering and I plan to either begin studying the course in 2013 or finishing my current degree and then converting it later, whichever way will be possible for me.

    If I receive a bursary, i will, however, consider any choice which may be supported by the company. I hope that you will allow me the chance to show my capabilities and competencies by rewarding me with abursary.

    Mafereka T.

  23. xolani gonya says:

    Hi there Im looking for a bursary,im doing physical metallurgy at Vaal University of Technology

  24. xolani gonya says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I doing my third semester in metallurgical engineering at Vaal University of Technology,so I would like to ask a bursary application form through my email.

  25. i am ineed of burary please dnt have money to pay for next semesster and the same time i want to complete my studies because i want to help my parents they are un enployed

  26. pinky says:

    i’m a first yaer nursing student iwould like afrox to give me bursary so that can i complete my course

  27. delisa kubheka says:

    there’s a nutritional student called by the name of delisa in university of venda doing nutrition degree withouth a bassary and that student is me.i wil be glad to find a sponser, ngiyabonga

  28. delisa kubheka says:

    as i’ve said it but I did’nt get a respone my number is 0734121739

  29. Greetings to the manager, i’m one of the students at Midlands Community College who want to study the electrical enginnering (light current). so i’m wishing to have a busary application form from Afrox company.

    address: PO Box 1218

  30. thomas molete says:

    i am currently studying metallurgy and i am dong my second semester,i am in need of a bursary because i am not financially stable to pay for myself,PLEASE HELP,send the forms at

  31. kgotso says:

    hy i am a unisa student and i dont have money to futher my parent are both unemployed im doing industrial engineering u can contact me 0726299193

  32. Tevin Machivha says:


    May you please email me the busary application form as i will be doing industrial engineering at vaal university of technolgy.

    thank you
    R.T Machivha

  33. Dear Sir or Madam

    Request for bursary application form

    I am a S3 chemical engineering student at Mangosuthu University of Technology. I am in desparate need of an Afrox Bursay for the next level, and an internship at Afrox would be a dream.

    Msizi Maphumulo

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  35. Emihle says:

    I`m currently doing Grade 12 I`m interested to do chemical engineering in 2014Could you furnish me with application for 201`4

  36. yamkela Tokwe says:

    I am currently studying at Cape Peninsula University of technology(studying N.D in Electrical Engineering),doing my second year.I am kindly asking for a bursary. I will be glad to get your response as early as posibble.

  37. lesley says:

    hi’ am looking for a bursery for 2014 i would like you to send me application form as quick as you can

  38. Sedzani Ndiwau Ngaledzani says:

    Am doing industrial engineering at tut and I need a bursary, please email me the application forms

  39. fulufhelo pretty doyoyo says:

    I am studying at tut doing industrial engineering.i am asking for a bursary to further my studies.i will be glad if u respond as soon as posible

  40. Sabelo says:


    I am Sabelo , Im intending to pursue a in Industrial Engineering. I am Due for diploma graduation in April 2013. I kindly ask for a bursary to continue with my

  41. hi
    am Alpheus am doing my second year in mechanical engineering at tut and I would like to have a bursary so that I can finish up my studies. Please email me the application form.

  42. poimter mokhatinyane says:

    what should i do to ask for the bursary forms to be sent at my residential adress??????????????????

  43. Mpe Tshepo says:

    Hi there,i am here asking for bursary online application form if is available, i am currently studing 1st year electrical engineering at the University of Pretoria,will be very happy if i get the oppoturnity to apply for the bursary.

  44. elton says:


  45. Tshepiso says:


    I am Tshepiso Molobela, im intending to persue in Engineering Metallurgy Tshwane Univesity Of Technology. Im due for Diploma in September 2013. i would like to ask your bursary to finish my studies. please email me your application form

  46. Brandin says:

    Hi there,I am Brandin Michael i am very passionate about Chemical Engineering therefore i would love to persue my dream an take up this trade.I’m currently in Grade 12,that is why i am pleading for a bursary and i knw i can meet the requirements to qualifiy.Please email me an application form.Thank You

  47. Malebo says:

    Hi..Im Currently doing matric and intend to study chemical engineering next year but both my parents are not working and im gonna need financiaL assintance in order to persue my career and i hereby ask for afrox to send me an application form on this adress: Box 17,Khomanani ,0933…

  48. tlangelani clyde stewart maluleke says:

    am doing 1st year, i need a busary from afrox, i am doing industrial engineering at val university of technology

  49. Romeo says:

    i need a bussary for next year am currently doing my matric ,and i chose to study electrical engineering and graphic design after my matric

  50. fonte,Z says:

    Please give away busaries to Logistics students too please.

  51. Enatt Wandile says:

    i need a bursary for 2014.This is my 1st year at vaal university of technology am doing chemical engineering.

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